Girls (TV Series)

Lena Dunham – Girls – S06E10

Lena bares her boobs, bush, and buns after climbing out of the tub and letting her mom help her get dressed!

Lena Dunham – Girls – S06E08

A pregnant Lena lays on a couch in nothing but some skimpy pink undies. In the second scene, brief breasts from Lena as she slowly rides Adam Driver. In the third scene, a pregnant Lena has her shirt...

Jemima Kirke – Girls – S06E01

Jemima sits on a couch fully nude eating ice cream, and gives us a nice look at her boobs and bush when she stands up near the end of the scene!

Lena Dunham – Girls – S05E03

Lena goes full frontal for a photoshoot, showing off her girls and everything else.