Sarah Stiles – Get Shorty – S01E08

Sarah Stiles naked on all fours on a bed as a guy has sex with her while kneeling behind her, Sarah showing her breasts and some of her bare butt with the guy’s hands on her hips. In the second scene, Sarah Stiles showing full nudity when she rolls out of bed beside a guy, walking across the room to fetch a glass of water. She then returns and stands near the bed talking to the guy as she gives us a full-frontal view of breasts and bush.

Featuring actress

Sarah Stiles (June 20, 1979)
3Popularity: 3Place of Birth: Massachusetts, USA

Lucy Walters – Get Shorty – S01E06

Lucy Walters topless while riding a guy in a theater chair, her dress around her waist and Lucy showing bare breasts as she has sex with him. She then has him pick her up after they finish, at which point...