Patricia McKenzie – Cosmopolis

Patricia McKenzie wearing nothing but an unzipped jacket as she has sex with a guy, riding him as he sits up and she holds his head to her chest. We then see more of her breasts as she talks to the guy before climbing off him and showing both her bare butt and a full-frontal view of her bush as she reaches for a stun gun.

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Patricia McKenzie ()
2Popularity: 2Place of Birth: Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec, Canada

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Natalie Paul – Crown Heights

Natalie Paul standing facing a guy as she pulls her bra off and bares her breasts. She then slowly steps toward him and touches his face before we see them having sex with Natalie on her back, still...

Chasten Harmon – Damnation – S01E01

Chasten Harmon naked and straddling a guy in bed, showing her bare butt as she has sex with him until they are interrupted by a guy walking into the room. She remains on top of her guy, almost...

Naturi Naughton – Power – S04E07

Naturi Naughton making out with a guy as he takes her dress off, revealing a gold bra underneath. The guy lays her down on an ottoman and pulls her panties and bra off, exposing her breasts...