Cherie DeVille – Hall Pass: Cheating With Permission

Cherie’s husband is eager to help her overcome her sexual inhibitions by arranging an afternoon session with a passionate masseuse.

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Cherie DeVille (August 30, 1978)
22Popularity: 22Place of Birth: North Carolina, USA
Cherie DeVille was born on August 30, 1978 in Durham, North Carolina. She's of Franco-Canadian descent. DeVille grew up in Washington, DC and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Cherie rode horses, did ballet, played in the band, and even was a cheerleader for a few years while growing up. DeVille was also on the swim team and was a lifeguard at age sixteen…

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Cherie DeVille – The Swing Life

Cherie and Richie enjoy a very emotionally and physically satisfying marriage, but that doesn’t prevent their insatiable curiosity from creeping in from time to time.