Angelina Jolie – Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow

Angelina Jolie - Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow info not available

Lola Creton – Un amour de jeunesse

Lola Créton naked in bed as a guy pulls the covers off to expose full nudity from Lola, revealing her breasts and bush. She then lies on her back with her breasts in view as the guy hands her a rose...

Gillian Anderson – Straightheads

Gillian Anderson showing both breasts during a nude sex scene with a guy in bed, showing hard nipples while they have sex and while lying on her back afterward.

Nicole Fox – Redlands

America's Next Top Model winner Nicole Fox showing stunning full nudity in this lengthy scene in which she disrobes and stands naked as a guy prepares a red fold-out lawn chair for her to lie on for a...

Jessica Biel – The Rules of Attraction

Jessica Biel dancing in a hallway while wearing a sexy bra and a pair of short boxers as she drinks from a bottle of liquor. In the second scene, Jessica Biel wearing pink panties and a lingerie top...

Maria Bello – The Cooler

Maria Bello dropping out of her jeans to reveal her ass in a thong, and then joining a guy in bed where he grabs and exposes her right breast before they have sex. See her in another sequence...

Anne Hathaway – Love and Other Drugs – 3

Anne Hathaway - Love and Other Drugs - 3 info not available

Michelle Rodriguez – The Assignment

Michelle Rodriguez of The Fast and the Furious fame in a bath robe that she opens up to expose her breasts, which she looks at and grabs with her hand. She then moves over to a full-length mirror...

Lea Seydoux – Grand Central

Léa Seydoux of Blue Is the Warmest Color fame making out with a guy on the grassy banks of a river as he lowers her top to expose her breasts. We then see her standing up with her shirt back on but...

Emily Browning – Sleeping Beauty

Emily Browning of Sucker Punch fame taking her dress off to reveal a blue bra and some panties as she stands in her underwear while a guy and another woman inspect her body. In the second scene...

Angelina Jolie – Taking Lives

Angelina Jolie - Taking Lives info not available

Emilia Clarke – Spike Island

Emilia Clarke - Spike Island info not available