Ava Courcelles and Erica Fontes – Aridity

Ava’s secret crush on her friend Erica Fontes is finally realized, as Erica visits and the pair find themselves in bed. Naked bodies entwined, they rub each other’s pussies frenziedly, enjoying a rapid simultaneous orgasm and then taking time for a more leisurely exploration of each other’s curves. Ava licks and fingers Erica’s sensitive pussy until she cums again, and then Erica returns the favor, before they move into scissors and grind to a powerful climax.

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Ava Courcelles (February 27, 1981)
3Popularity: 3Place of Birth: Paris, France, EU
Ava Courcelles menait une carrière d’hôtesse d’accueil quand elle se lance dans l’érotisme avec son beau-frère, qui n’est autre qu’Allan Theo, chanteur célèbre des années 90. Ensemble, ils se produisent d’abord en spectacle sur des salons érotiques. Pendant ce temps, Allan Théo fait un retour remarqué dans le monde de la musique avec plusieurs clips vidéos sulfureux, voire explicites…
Erica Fontes (May 14, 1991)
5Popularity: 5Place of Birth: Lisbon, Portugal, EU
Erica Fontes is Portuguese and strangely enough she is not from Brazil like so many other porn stars. She was born in Europe on May 14, 1991 and although she hasn't yet spent a lot of time in the porn world, she certainly has been a busy young slut. Erica Fontes is 5'7 and 110 pounds. She has a lovely, thin 33B-25-33 figure and from the look of the list of her accomplishments it looks like she has more sex experience than most babes her age.

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