Adrian Maya – Let’s Call It Even

Adrian was getting ready to go out when Tyler the gardener was caught spying on her getting dressed through the window! Adrian was pissed so she went outside and confronted him – she told him that shed call her dad and get him fired for doing it. Adrian made a proposition that if he wants to keep his job he would get naked for her! She humiliated him by watching him get undressed but after that they made a deal that would help him get off. Adrian dropped to her knees and made his cock grow with her mouth, fitting every inch of it down her throat! Then she got bent over and drilled into with her clothes still on! After getting fucked by his huge rod he unloaded all over her round ass!

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Adriana Maya (April 2, 1996)
2Popularity: 2Place of Birth: Washington, USA
Adriana is an adult film actress from Miami, Florida. She is of mixed ethnicity with 32B-24-36t measurements.

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